PILOTFLY Traveler (C45V2)



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本体(Traveler) /数量:1
ソニー用カメラケーブル /数量:1
スマートフォンアダプター /数量:1
電源アダプター /数量:1
キャリングケース /数量:1
クイックガイド /数量:1



Pilotfly Traveler (C45V2)
Design for Easy Carry

【Stabilizer Basic Information】
Gimbal Size: Approx. 130×110×294 mm
Weight: 630g (within battery)
Display: OLED
Battery: Built-in 14.8V Lipo 1000mAh
Available Battery Time:
Minium: 6hrs
Max: 12hrs (IMU thermostat function is off)
DC Charger:
18V 1A AC charger (Charging time: 1h)
5V 0.5A USB charging (6hr)
Operation Temperate: -10~45°C
Water Repellent: *It is banned from using under water,
and being exposed to salt water
Three-axis center of gravity can be balanced

【Technical Data】
Detachable gimbal body and handle
Valid Camera Payload: 125g~ 750g (Without Countweight)
Motor Payload: 1200g
Tilting Angle: 350°
Rolling Angle: 320°
Panning Angle: 360° Unlimited rotation
Accessory Port: Mechanical: 1/4” Mounting Hole
Electrical: Camera Control Port, Multi-USB Port
Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1, Micro USB
Software Requirements: Windows 7 or above/Mac OSX
10.11 or above
App Requirements: iOS 9.0 or above/Android 4.4 or above

【Camera Supports】
Support Five Profile Settings for Cameras:
● Action Cam
● Smartphone
● Light weight mirrorless camera
● Mid weight mirrorless camera
● Heavy weight mirrorless camera
Support Camera:
● Sony RX100 / A6300,A6500 , Action Cam
● Panasonic LX10. LX100 , GX7 ,GM series
● Gopro, Sony Action Camera
● Smartphone (6") with Smartphone adapter
Wired Connection Camera Control Function:
● Sony: Focus, Shutter, Video Rec, Zoom in
(Slow&Fast Mode), Battery Charging
● Panasonic: Focus, Shutter, Video Rec
● GoPro: Video Rec, Setup
● Smartphone: Shutter , Video Rec

【Mode & Function】
6 Operating Mode (Tap):
1. Follow mode
2. Pitch Lock mode
3. All Lock mode
4. All Follow mode (FPV mode)
5. Follow Pitch mode
6. 360 Doutch roll mode
Joystick Function (Tap):
1. Go Home
2. Selfie Mode
3. Motor On/Off
4. Sport Follow mode
Expansion Function:
1. 360° Rotation Timelapse
2. Motion Timelaspe

In the Package:
1 x Traveler 3-axis Stabilizer
1 x Sony Camera Cable
1 x Smart Phone Adapter
1 set x Universal power adapter
Carrying case
Quick Guide
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